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2019 USTOA Digital Marketing Academy

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January 23, 2019
New York, NY


USTOA will host its second Digital Marketing Academy on January 23, 2019 in New York City.

Just Announced...

Breakfast with Google...Prepare to be uncomfortably challenged!

Dougal McKenzie, Google's Head of Industry for Travel, will share thoughts on Winning Tomorrow's Traveler in an AI First World.

Technology is driving exponential change in consumer expectations - what works today won't work tomorrow - however, the ability to effectively connect with and influence consumers has never been better. Dougal will look at why change is so rapid now, as well as the opportunities this presents to those who accept the challenge.

In the afternoon, Paul Greenberg, CEO, and Vincent Peone, CCC, from will share secrets and successes on the Future of Branded Video Content. How strategy and data analysis are as critical as the creative concept.

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Morning Digital Marketing Sessions

Designed for front line marketing staff who execute day-to-day initiatives as well as help craft strategy, these back-to-back sessions provide best practices and measurement metrics, as well as how to determine ROI for the backbone of many campaigns: email marketing. But, even the sharpest emails in the world can fall flat if the rest of your marketing “ecosystem” isn’t up to snuff. Learn how to spot and fix trouble before it happens.  Manager-level marketing executives will find these sessions as valuable refreshers. Presented by Ross Evans, Vice President, Redpoint

Effective Email Marketing Sure, emails that work follow design best practices...but design isn’t just about placement of content and images or selecting colors. Well-designed emails are engineered to drive engagement and to work across varied email clients. And, the best practices don’t stop at the visual elements...copy voice, subject lines, call-to-actions, and pre-headers all work with the visual elements to create a cohesive design that drives results. In this session we’ll dissect the latest trends, discuss measuring ROI along with best practices to reveal tips that will truly make your email campaigns a success.

Auditing Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem Prevention is the best medicine! You don’t have to be a website developer or information technology wizard to stay one step ahead of your digital marketing ecosystem’s health. With regular audits you can learn to make incremental website enhancements that prevent small issues from turning into big ones while maximizing campaign performance by gaining a better understanding for your customers and their needs. In this session we’ll show you a practical, step-by-step method for auditing your website, social media channels, email marketing, and more.

These sessions are designed for senior managers/executives, from director to chief marketing officer, who are responsible for high level goal and strategy development, and marketing budget.  With content at the 30,000-feet level, each of these sessions address how to prioritize resources and provide guidance to make the choices that are right for your company. Presented by Chris Miranda, Principal, Redpoint

How to Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely While the rise of digital marketing over the past decade has delivered new ways to reach formerly-elusive audiences, it has also made the budgeting process significantly more complicated…and uncertain.  How do you know if you’re spending too much or not enough on paid search?  Or Facebook and Instagram ads?  Should you take the plunge and ditch print entirely in favor of digital tactics?  Should you drop your traditional PR effort and channel all that budget into engaging social influencers?  Establishing a smart, effective budget is more than just counting clicks for your ROI, and in this session, we’ll bring some clarity to the choices you must make and discuss how to shed bad spending habits that sabotage your budget year after year.

Social Influencers:  Holy Grail or Fool’s Gold? The term “social influencers” is a buzzword that sparks equal amounts of hope and skepticism among marketers.  Just because some person (or some dog?  Or pig? Or fox?) has more than a million followers on Instagram, does that mean a post on their account can truly influence their audience into being interested in you?  And if so…how much is that worth in terms of fees allocated in your marketing budget?  Social influencers are often self-proclaimed and not always legit, so it’s essential to evaluate each opportunity, set parameters, establish goals, and (most important) take risks.  But first…you must decide if working with social influencers is the right marketing match for your brand.  In this session, you’ll get all the facts necessary to cultivate your own informed point of view, and you’ll come away with clear evaluation tools to approach the process with more confidence.

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Please contact Luis Maravi at or call him at 212-599-6599 ext 27 should you have any questions.

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