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Holidays with Downtown is a national tour operator dedicated exclusively to travel advisors, with operational capabilities in 130 countries around the world. In cooperation with several national tourism boards, it has developed a select group of Featured Destinations that offer the most to travelers and respond to the main wishes of American visitors. For ship-vacation afficionados we offer special cruises on luxury yachts sailing the Mediterranean, Green-ships crossing the Amazon or specialty ships designed for the rough waters of the Artic and Antarctic.

Our specialists are at the travel advisors’ disposal to customize any program for individuals or groups and maximize the time spent in the chosen destination.

We have tours available to the destinations shown on this map

We specialize in these types of tours:

Age Group - 13 to 18
Age Group - 25 to 35
Age Group - 36 to 50
Age Group - 51 to 64
Age Group - 65+
Air Only
Cruises / Ocean - Tour
Custom Designed
Escorted Tours
FIT (Independent)
Fly Drive Tours
Guided Vacations
Holiday Tours and Cruises
Independent Packages
Length of Trip - 05 days or less
Length of Trip - 05 to 10 days
Length of Trip - 10 to 15 days
Length of Trip - 15 days or more
Motorcoach Tours
Private Jets
Professional / Conference
Rail Travel
Rail Travel / European
Religious / pilgrimage
Safari / Game Lodges
Sports / Teams - Clubs
Student / Sports Activities
Student / Youth
Vacation Rentals

We offer Economy, Deluxe, Luxury & First Class tours.

Holidays with Downtown Last Updated October 12, 2023

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