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In 1994, we introduced the golf cruise, a new concept in travel. Chartering boutique ships, we began hosting a select number of country club members aboard what became our private club afloat, escorting guests comfortably and stylishly to the top courses and touring destinations in Europe. These small groups of travelers appreciated the exceptional service, unique and comfortable accommodations we offered and enjoyed the camaraderie of old and new friends along the way. 

Since our founding, we have continuously enhanced our service and expanded our selection of uniquely designed itineraries to the finest golf and touring destinations around the world. In the process, we’ve created enduring relationships and special memories with our loyal clients.

Kalos Golf itineraries combine the best of global golf and touring with five-star service, whether by sea, air or land. We privately charter vessels that accommodate a small number of like-minded guests and stay at unique and distinctive boutique properties throughout our journeys. In essence, these small groups become a private club and create the ideal atmosphere for an intimate golf and travel experience.

In addition to great golf in historic locations, we arrange daily tours for those not playing golf. We visit cultural, historic and culinary treasures around the world, where our focus is on private experiences that allow us to avoid large crowds, as our expert guides and staff ensure a memorable, distinct and safe journey throughout.

We have tours available to the destinations shown on this map

We specialize in these types of tours:

Cruises / River - Small Ships
Private Jets
Rail Travel
Safari / Game Lodges
Sporting Events (spectator)

We offer Deluxe tours.

Kalos Golf Last Updated March 18, 2024

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