Music… it's a cultural universal. Every society on this planet we share has a soundtrack. And who hasn't felt the effects of a driving beat or a soulful melody? As we sway, tap our toes, hum along, or dance, we're immersed in a moment. We're part of the place where these gorgeous sounds were created.

Join USTOA on a musical odyssey, as we groove along to the Afrolatino drumbeats of Panamá; applaud the infectious stylings of a Colombian accordionist; feel the joy in a Peruvian brass band's lively blare; get chills from the rich, multipart a cappella harmonies of klapa singers in Dubrovnik, Croatia; and finally, after a comfortable Turkish Airlines flight, experience the mystical Mevlevi music of a traditional Sufi Sema ceremony in Türkiye.

We hope this video stirs your interest in visiting these destinations and hearing their distinctive sounds live. USTOA member tour operators are experts at planning itineraries featuring rare access to musical experiences that will touch your heart and stay with you forever. Whether you simply close your eyes, listen, and breathe or leap to your feet and lose yourself in movement, your presence helps keep the world's diverse musical artistry alive.

Photo courtesy of PROCOLOMBIA

Colombia is a destination where joy, art, music, and culture bloom all over the place. Where the Barranquilla Carnival, the Festival of Flowers, or the archaeologic heritage of San Agustín will leave you speechless. Where six unique regions await to charm you with sheerly unbelievable diversity and truly meaningful experiences.

Photo courtesy of Julian Duval

Dubrovnik, a picturesque gem on Croatia's Adriatic coast, resonates with a flourishing musical and art scene. The city's cultural institutions, such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Linđo Folklore Ensemble, showcase diverse artistic expressions. And the artistic scene ranges from classical symphonies to avant-garde exhibitions. Amidst Dubrovnik's timeless charm, creativity finds its voice and colours burst to life, enchanting all who visit.

Photo courtesy of Visit Panamá

Panamá has been connecting the world for centuries as a crossroads for humanity and a meeting point for peoples and ideas, resulting in outstanding diversities. Panamá is a dare to expand your senses through creative gastronomy and multicultural rhythms, product of African, Spanish, and Native influences. Panamá dares you to Live for More.

Photo courtesy of Andrés Allain

Imagine Perú as a gigantic treasure chest for heritage and cultural experiences. Corpus Christi in Cusco brings together a people who still keep their faith intact, preserving their traditions and show them to the world with pride. This country is a feast for the eyes and the spirit. Live the incredible experience of visiting Perú and let yourself be caught by its legacy.

Photo courtesy of GoTürkiye

Unveil the irresistible allure of Kapadokya, the land of fairytales, Türkiye’s enigmatic treasure. Surrender to its dreamlike landscapes, bewitching fairy chimneys, and mysterious caves. Embark on a thrilling hot air balloon adventure and witness the mesmerizing Mevlevi Sema Ceremony, a sacred ritual on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

As a leading global airline, flying to more countries than any other, Turkish Airlines is defining the future of aviation with sustainability at the core of its mission. Recognized with the Centre for Aviation’s “Airline Sustainability Innovation of the Year” award for its efforts in alternative fuel development, the airline is committed to sustainable innovation.


Director/Producer/Editor: Alexander Peacock
Director Of Photography: Bryce Prevatte


Colombia: "Viva Colombia" - Gregorio Uribe

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Lindo Dance Ensemble, Kresimir Magic, Mario Lale

Panamá: Viene de Panamá – Afrodisiaco
La Escuelita del Ritmo

Peru: “Mix de Paucartambo” - The San Pedro Band

Türkiye: “Sufi Musicians and the Whirling Dervishes” - Alaaddin Örs, Gökhan Şahinkaya, İsmail Süzer, Mahmut Sayul, Murat Lale, Mustafa Ercan, Ömer Örs, and Sedat Bilgin


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Dubrovnik, Croatia: Maroje Zanetic

Panamá: Billy Herron (Folk Lab Studio) | Jeronimo Welch (Tour Guide Colon)

Peru: Jeremy Cornejo, Ayrthon Jarufe Páez

Türkiye: Burak Babadogan

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