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USTOA Celebrates Meaningful Travel Through Music in New Destination-Based Music Video

Published Jul 20, 2023 12:00AM


“USTOA On Tour Live” Takes Travelers Around the World to  
Inspire Visitors Through the Power of Local Musical Artistry 


NEW YORK (July 20, 2023) - The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) today launched its “USTOA On Tour Live” music campaign featuring destinations around the world. The campaign is designed to engage travelers and inspire them to learn about each country’s distinct cultural identity through music.  

The centerpiece of the campaign is a music video that highlights musical acts, festivals, and culinary delights of countries from across the globe. USTOA invites travel advisors and travelers to watch the videos, listen to the drumbeats, brass bands, and a capalla harmonies, and enjoy the colorful imagery of each destination.  

USTOA President and CEO Terry Dale said, “Music plays an integral role in the enriching experience of travel. It is often a gateway to culture, allowing travelers to explore traditions, expressions, and rituals that make each place unique.” 

He continued, “We are delighted to debut the ‘USTOA On Tour Live’ video with the world and share the authentic musical stories of Colombia, Dubrovnik, Panamá, Perú, and Türkiye. The video combines the infectious joy of music and exemplifies meaningful travel’s importance. The rhythms of the world are calling!”  

USTOA On Tour Live can be viewed at 

Following the organization’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2022, USTOA continues to look 50 years forward with a focus on sharing the importance of meaningful and responsible travel. Music carries generations of history that embody a place's heritage and culture. Through music, travelers can uncover the essence of a destination, connect with its storied history, and transcend language barriers which inspires visitors to leave lasting impacts.   

USTOA partnered with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, ProColombia, PromPerú, Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency TGA, Visit Panamá, and Turkish Airlines in making the video. Dale added, “USTOA is very grateful to all of our partners for helping to bring these colorful and inspiring stories to life.”  

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About USTOA:   

Representing $16 billion in revenue, the member companies of U.S. Tour Operators Association provide tours, packages and custom arrangements that allow six million travelers annually unparalleled access, insider knowledge, peace-of-mind, value, and freedom to enjoy destinations and experiences across the entire globe. Each member company has met the travel industry’s highest standards, including participation in the USTOA’s Travelers Assistance Program, which protects consumer payments up to $1 million if the company goes out of business.  As a voice for the tour operator industry for 50 years, USTOA also provides education and assistance for consumers and travel agents.  



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