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International travel and private club experiences designed for a collective of golfers who are inspired by the discovery of diverse courses, cultures and time-honored traditions of the game. 

The Fliers Club is about experiencing the subtleties of the global game. From the smell of the clubhouse, to the bumps and contours of the fairways, to the quirky signage - these are the details that make golf facinating. Amidst hallowed fairways where early golfers forged the history of the game, we train an eye on tradition and education. Walking 18 is just the beginning - we feel that, to truly play a course, you must immerse yourself in the local culture of the town and surroundings. 

Discovery is in the details. We plan, plan, plan, yet our fondest memories are often those moments we stumbled upon. Seek out the unexpected, embrace the uncertainty and uncover something new. 

We have tours available to the destinations shown on this map

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We offer Deluxe tours.

The Fliers Club Last Updated March 23, 2023

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