Australia’s Northern Territory, is most widely recognized as ‘Australia’s Outback.' This region of Australia spans from the tropical top end of Darwin down to the iconic Uluru at the continent’s vast Red Centre.

The Outback delivers a quintessentially Australian experience, feeding any visitors sense of adventure and exploration through endless outdoor activities. Pursuits including hiking, outdoor dining in a billion star restaurant , luxury camping, hot air balloons , Crocodile cruises among so much more!

While the region is equivalent to 3 x the size of California a journey planned by Goway Travel makes a visit to the Outback as easy as packing your bags. With a full range of accommodation options and insider experiences like Bush Tucker Touring with an indigenous guide of Central Australia or taking part in the Alice Springs Camel Cup , Goway Travel are the Outback experts.

Experience Australia's Northern Territory:

Capture the spirit of Australia’s Northern Territory with this insider look at the extraordinary opportunities to “live like a local” from travel videographer Kelley Ferro , who traveled with USTOA Active Member Goway to see, taste, smell and engage in local culture, cuisine, arts, handicrafts and more.

For more up close and personal looks at the people and experiences of Australia’s Northern Territory, check out these specialized videos from Kelley on the region’s landscape, food, wildlifeadventure and local life.

Delve even deeper into the day-to-day life of locals on the USTOA blog, where Kelley Ferro and travel blogger Flash Parker detail their adventures engaging with locals while in Australia’s Northern Territory with Goway. And, visit for highlights from Flash’s journey.

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