Brasil is a country of big numbers. With 202 million people in 8,500,000 km², it is the world’s fifth largest country in both size and population. Its territory covers half of South America, where it borders 10 countries. Its coast extends over 9 thousand kilometers along Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon Forest is the largest tropical rainforest on the planet; Pantanal is the world’s largest wetlands. However, more than 80% of the population lives in the cities. The São Paulo metropolitan region alone has a population of 20 million, 11 million in the capital city – which makes it one of the world’s largest urban agglomerations.

The country has 57 national parks, hundreds of historic villages and thousands of beaches of all sorts and sizes. Above all, Brazil is defined by its diversity. It is a melting pot of ethnicities, accents, cultures and creeds which live in perfect harmony. This diversity is also found in the landscapes, climate and architecture. From this unequaled mix rises a unique country, which greets visitors with joy and impresses them at every step of their journeys.
Wherever you go, you will find countless attractions in each of the most important tourist segments: Sun and Beaches, Ecotourism, Sports, Business and Events. 

Experience Brasil:

Capture the spirit of Brasil with this insider look at the extraordinary opportunities to “live like a local” from travel videographer Kelley Ferro, who traveled with USTOA in partnership with to see, taste, smell and engage in local culture, cuisine, arts, handicrafts and more.

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Delve even deeper into the day-to-day life of locals on the USTOA blog, where Kelley Ferro and travel blogger Colin Roohan detail their adventures engaging with locals while in Brasil. And, visit for highlights from Colin’s journey.

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