Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism/Daphna Tal

History goes hand-in-hand with modern life in Israel.

Experience the world’s wonders up close with Go Ahead.

Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism/Itamar Grinberg

History. Culture. Cuisine. Religion. Shopping. Beaches. Architecture. Desert… and More.

Israel appeals to a diverse range of visitors as a world-class tourist destination with an impressive assortment of historical, cultural, culinary and religious attractions – each the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. As a young country but one with a history dating back thousands of years, Israel is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds: unrivaled historical significance in some areas and vibrant, hip, stylish experiences in others.

From awe-inspiring ancient city ruins, artifacts and diversity in Akko and Jerusalem and world-class shopping, museums and a buzzing beach scene in Tel Aviv to cutting edge architecture in the Negev Desert and (how could we not mention) an EXPLODING culinary scene throughout, Israel has something for everyone to enjoy. A destination where travelers have the chance to experience an unparalleled combination of old and new, Israel is a must-see in 2017.

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Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism/Noam Chen

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