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Experience Switzerland in three unique ways with Tauck...

Switzerland: Europe’s Crown Jewel takes you from the dramatic scenery of the Alps to the serene beauty of the lakes plus Italy’s fashionable lake district. Alpine Adventure is a fun Bridges family adventure, bringing generations together for shared enrichment. The Rhine, Swiss Alps & Amsterdam is an elegant Rhine riverboat cruise between Basel and Amsterdam – giving you a day in Lucerne and a choice of Jungfraujoch or Bern during a two-night stay.

Photo Credit: Switzerland Tourism/Per Kasch

Skiing. Scenery. Cuisine. Language. Culture. Hiking. Nature. Villages. Mountains… and More.

Switzerland might be a small country, but it is big when it comes to variety. Imagine: In the morning you are skiing, high up in deep snow, with a ski guide who could technically speak Rumantsch with you. At lunchtime you are sitting on a train, listening to other travelers banter in Swiss-German and enjoying the spring scenery passing by outside. And for dinner, you are eating a delicious risotto beneath palm trees in short sleeves next to Italian-speaking locals. Switzerland is a country full of contrasts – 8 million inhabitants sharing four languages, cultures, varied gastronomy and seasons in every region. A little gem in the heart of Europe, it is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. And no matter which corner of the country you want to explore, you can get there with public transportation – with just one ticket, easily and on time.

So why Switzerland? Because Switzerland just works. Reliability, punctuality, political and economic stability, authenticity and nature – from palm trees in bustling cities and lush meadows in small villages to glaciers in majestic mountains.

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