South Africa

Photo Credit: South African Tourism

With an abundance of adventure and cultural activities...

along with magnificent landscapes, food, wine and art scenes, and a full range of accommodation styles, South Africa is the ultimate getaway. Design an authentic, personalized trip with African Travel for a life-changing journey.

Photo Credit: South African Tourism

Adventure. Wildlife. Views. Friendships. Cities. Safaris. Cuisine…and More.

Be inspired by South Africa’s unforgettable experiences that will recharge your body, expand your mind and engage your every sense. From adventure to wildlife, scenic vistas that take your breath away to urban cultural melting pots, it is a country of contrasts and diversity. South Africa has a spirit that will remain with you forever. The beat of her cities, her streets, the smiles of her people and the open spaces will let your spirit soar.

With an adventure around every corner for any budget, there’s no need to choose just one! It’s a place to do it all, a place for new experiences, ones to tick off the bucket list, or for a hobby that is crying out for an inspiring new setting. Between activities, there’s plenty of time to chill out, make new friends, soak up the sun and let your taste buds dance to the flavor of South African food and wine.

Our beautiful world is your playground, whatever journey you take through this truly amazing country, every trip brings new, raw moments; every meeting starts a new friendship; and every authentic and sense-tingling experience will leave you feeling changed, inspired and free.

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