10 surprising things you can do in Manitoba

Discover hidden gems in the middle of Canada. Manitoba has rich cultural roots, breathtaking landscapes, world-class museums and opportunities for incredible encounters with polar bears, bison and northern lights. Read on for 10 amazing adventures in the province where Canada’s heart beats.  

  1. Go on an arctic safari 

No roads lead to the remote subarctic town of Churchill, Manitoba. Getting there is part of the adventure with options to travel by train or plane. Once you arrive, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community plus the opportunity to check off plenty of bucket list experiences. 

In fall, see polar bears roam the Hudson Bay coastline, spot arctic wildlife and marvel at the beauty of the tundra and the majestic northern lights at night. 

Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba
Take a ride on Frontiers North Adventures’ electric Tundra Buggy® to their Thanadelthur Lounge to see the northern lights dance in the night sky.
  1. Travel the tundra in an electric vehicle 

Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world, is one of the few human settlements where these majestic mammals can be viewed in the wild. Now you can get up close and personal with these kingly giants in an electric Tundra Buggy® with Frontiers North Adventures. Due to zero-emission vehicle technology, this new type of Tundra Buggy® means minimal disruption to the bears and their natural habitat.  

Liz Tran Photography, Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba  
A polar bear basks in the sunshine on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba.
  1. Walk with polar bears 

You can greet the world’s largest carnivore from the comfort of Churchill Wild’s remote eco-wilderness lodges or, best of all, walk among them with a guide and photograph them in their natural habitat. On a guided walking safari, you might encounter polar bears and other wildlife like arctic hare, wolves, arctic and coloured fox and moose. 

  1. Take your knowledge of aviation history to new heights 

Experience one of the most significant global collections of bush planes at the new location of the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. It’s also home to a large collection of aircraft ranging from bush flying, military, passenger, experimental aircraft and thousands of aviation artifacts. 

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The Leaf–Canada’s Diversity Gardens is a new garden attraction in Winnipeg that celebrates natural and cultural diversity with indoor and outdoor spaces, including over 30-acres of gardens that explore the universal connections between people and plants.  
  1. Stop to smell the flowers at The Leaf–Canada’s Diversity Gardens 

The Leaf–Canada’s Diversity Gardens is one of Manitoba’s newest attractions with indoor and outdoor spaces that explore connections between people and plants. The Gardens at The Leaf is a 30-acre revitalized outdoor space divided into six uniquely themed gardens touching on connections with food, our senses and Indigenous cultures and languages.  

JP Media Works, Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba
Winnipeg Art Gallery’s newest addition, Qaumajuq, houses more than 14,000 pieces of contemporary Inuit art, about one-third of the collection is visible in a three-story glass vault. 
  1. View thousands of pieces of Inuit art in one place 

Qaumajuq is a stunning addition to the Winnipeg Art Gallery in the city’s downtown area. Its architecture was inspired by Canada’s northern landscape and the centre holds the world’s largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art at over 14,000 pieces, each piece representing the story of Canada’s North.  

  1. Discover new exhibits at the Manitoba Museum 

In recent years, the Manitoba Museum has updated several of its core nine galleries. The new Prairies Gallery tells the story of Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba using a beautiful plains tipi, a Red River cabin and cart and other artifacts. 

Photo Courtesy of Travel Manitoba
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is an icon of the Winnipeg skyline, designed by
Antoine Predock Architect of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Predock has described the building as “carved into the earth and dissolving into the sky”. 
  1. Visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights 

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is impressive not only for its innovative architecture it’s also the world’s only museum dedicated to the topic of global human rights issues. Through ten permanent galleries, learn and reflect on the triumphs and failures of the human spirit. You’ll leave inspired to make the world a better place.  

  1. Dine under the aurora borealis 

Dan’s Diner, located across the frozen Churchill River away from the town, is a remote dining experience and culinary adventure like none other. Enjoy delicious regional and local fare in a mobile Tundra Buggy® while northern lights dance overhead. 

  1. Explore an urban natural oasis  

At FortWhyte Alive, a short drive from downtown Winnipeg, you can get up close with North America’s largest land mammal—the bison—in their natural habitat. Follow the path to find adventure in over 660 acres of forests, lakes and multi-use trails. You may spot whitetail deer, waterfowl and countless other wildlife while you explore.  

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