Situated at the center of the Mediterranean a mere 58 miles south of Sicily, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, filled with ancient towns, expansive beaches, breathtaking vistas, mouthwatering cuisine and 7,000 years of history. Join Modern Day Explorer Carol Dimopoulos as she scouts local experiences and activities to include in new wellness itineraries to Malta for Perillo’s Learning Journeys.

Modern Day Explorers: Wellness in Malta

USTOA tour operator member Perillo’s Learning Journeys diversifies the meaning of transformative travel. Discover wellness in Malta as Modern Day Explorer Carol Dimopoulos experiences soothing Ayurveda spa treatments, holistic fine-dining, and the healing benefits of horses.

Modern Day Explorers: Cuisine in Malta

While exploring Malta for USTOA member Perillo’s Learning Journeys, Modern Day Explorer Carol Dimopoulos explored an array of Maltese specialties. With access to traditional cheese makers, pioneers of wine tourism, restaurant owners, and executive chefs, newly designed itineraries will satisfy any guest’s appetite.

Modern Day Explorers: Art & Culture in Malta

The arts have always played a large role in Maltese culture. Join Modern Day Explorer Carol Dimopoulos of USTOA tour operator member Perillo’s Learning Journeys as she discovers the cultural history of Malta, visits local artists and models Malta’s vibrant fashions.

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Prof. Carol Dimopoulos is President of Learning Journeys powered by Perillo Tours where she brings her passion for learning and travel to transformative programs in global destinations in Europe, Latin and South America, Africa and India. A RYT-200 Yoga instructor with additional certifications in Yoga 4 Cancer (y4c) as well as a university professor who teaches sustainable leadership best practices in business management, she is also committed to wellness and servicing communities, and incorporates these principles in every journey.

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